The World Spirit of the Game Foundation is actively looking for new National Coordinators/Partners; our original goal was 100 countries within the first 100 days of 2021. 
But we became a victim of our own success 🙂 with so many partners and organizations wanting to collaborate that we took a break about 2/3 of the way through to refine our coaching services and offerings for Universities, as well as to start working on Strategic Plans for each region of the world. 
But we are still accepting applications for National Coordinators, either in new countries, or in new Pillars in countries in our existing network.  

Our organization has 4 main Pillars and each National Partner chooses which of these they wish to prioritize.

1) Developing SotG as the world’s first “crowd-sourced” life philosophy which both provides individuals with an internal framework for choosing a different definition of winning and as a Social Movement which provides the external framework that helps like minded individuals and organizations around the world maximize their positive impact on society.  (this is the area where most of our Ultimate participants are focusing their efforts)

2) An Impact Coaching division to help raise funds for the non-profit work, and which now has a wide range of offerings for universities, as well as for corporations, SMEs, and start-ups. (most Ultimate players haven’t been interested in the business side, but are interested in the university offerings)

3) Typical NGO work which includes applying for grants on Youth Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, and Entrepreneurial support, among others, as well as organizing global initiatives and supporting other NGOs

4) A global Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems” that consists of individuals and organizations from the worlds of non-profit, social enterprise, for profit, academia and government.

Here is a full video overview of these 4 pillars as well as a deeper explanation of the long term goals of the organization/movement.

If you would like to get involved in bringing SotG to your country, please email our Managing Director: Trent.SImmons@SpiritoftheGame.org

Regional Coordinators (RCs) and Interim RCs

We also have several Regional Coordinators and Interim Regional Coordinators with the primary task of the interim RCs being to recruit a National Coordinator in an many countries in their region as possible during our 100 Countries in 100 Days initiative in early 2021. Alternatively interim RCs can also work to establish National Councils in countries where no National Coordinator is found. 

Our permanent RCs will continue to coordinate all SotG efforts in their region, linking together the various National Coordinators, National Councils, and official NGO partners, as well as proposing regional initiatives at their discretion.

National Council definition

Because SotG has both non-profit divisions and for-profit spinoffs, each country will progress in both areas at its own pace. The SotG National Council will be the umbrella committee which keeps track of developments in both spheres and which will contain representatives from our official SotG Steering Committees, SotG coaches and other businesses, our NGO partnership network, as well as government/academia. 

Regional Steering Committees have been renamed as Regional Councils.