Be Actively Non-Judgemental

Non-judgmental does not mean ‘anything goes’; but it does mean that we rarely know all the factors which go into the choices and lives of others. If you go through life looking for flaws, you will find them. If you go through life looking for beauty, then that is what will be revealed to you.

‘I really don’t like that man. I must get to know him better.’ 

Abraham Lincoln

Trent Simmons

I Don’t Understand How

This is a phrase people frequently use when what they really mean is “I think that person or process is stupid” One common example, “I don’t understand how anyone could vote for such a morally bankrupt person”. The reality is frequently that a vote for a candidate who you wouldn’t associate with in any other…

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Madison Asher


There can be times when we choose not to engage in a situation or a topic because we aren’t 100% clear on what we want or how we feel. In those situations it can be important to remember that we are almost never 100% clear on anything we think we know. Once we embrace that…

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Andreas Seonbuchner

Taking off the mask (part 2)

The mission of crowdcoach is to develop the best authentic ideas using collective wisdom for the life challenges of all people. It was initiated because we realized that every day of our lives, everybody regardless of gender, location or generation face different smaller or bigger life challenges.  Especially today, when the world as we know…

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Trent Simmons

Taking off the mask

Trent Simmons In 2016 a small spring retreat was held in the Swiss mountains with the motto:  No ties, No cards, No titles.  In other words, participants were instructed to set aside their public personas and communicate openly about their problems, their dreams, and their fears. This was an opportunity for them to not only…

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