This page is just for SotG team members and potential new allies as it contains various concepts we are exploring, rather than concrete plans.

One possibility we see is to move into the space of Sustainability Coaching as a way to open the door for our Impact Coaching, simply because Creative Impact is a bit too forward thinking for the average person in many societies at this moment in time, whereas Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. 
So one possible path could be to:
1) Start the CEO4Climate initiative in a new country
2) Use the connections we make there to open the door for Sustainability Week for Businesses or other types of Sustainability Coaching
3) Once we are in the process of solidifying a proposal for Sustainability Coaching, we open the conversation about our Impact offerings
#2 and #1 could swap if:

a) we have trouble getting momentum on #1, so we need to build up our credentials first
b) we simply don’t have a team in place for #1 but we do for #2

The other thing we will need to explore is if it is important to start with Sustainability Weeks for Universities(and maybe schools) before we start offering it to businesses.

We also could theoretically engage university students to go out into their communities to gather signatures from local business owners for the CEO4Climate petition. In the long term we obviously want CEOs of large companies signing, but we can also use the grassroots approach to get the movement off the ground, then approach the bigger companies once we have enough smaller CEOs on board. (50 signatures is probably enough for small countries, 100-200 for medium sized countries, and 250+ for larger ones)

A parallel possibility could be to start Impact Weeks for Universities and Schools about 6 months offset from the main Sustainability Weeks, and use that parh to then start working with businesses.

Below is main SotG Climate &Sustainability concepts we have so far.

We launched the SotG Climate&Sustainability division on May 19th, 2021 as part of our Global Community Dialogue Day.
To date we have come up with the following ways that SotG as a network is uniquely positioned to make an Impact in this space:

  1. Sustainability Weeks – We are talking with the leadership of about expanding their network to new universities in countries where we have SotG teams. Because we currently have a lot of other programs based around working with Universities, we see this as a good fit. 
  2. is an initiative in Switzerland that has gather the signatures of over 500 CEOs and Country Managers on a “petition” to the Swiss government to change laws so that companies wanting to be more climate friendly no longer face competitive disadvantages in the market. We’ve begun exploring how we might export this concept to other countries through the SotG network.
  3. Matchmaking cleantech entrepreneurs – There are a lot of entrepreneurs from different regions of the world working on similar technologies for cleaner energy, carbon removal, etc. To date we have not found any other organization working to help connect them with each other, speeding progress on research and funding.
  4. General entrepreneurial support for cleantech – Likewise, many of these entrepreneurs can benefit from our Impact Network and global system of experts.


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