Corporate Division

The World Spirit of the Game Foundation’s(SotG Global) mission is to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountabily for maximizing their Impact on the world. We operate under 4 main Pillars:

1) A worldwide social movement based on  the world’s “first crowd-sourced” life philosophy

2) An Impact Coaching/Consulting Coalition which directly influenced the corporate and start-up worlds as well academia, all while raising funds for our non-profit work.

3) A global network of NGOs which address root causes of societal dysfunction through long term planning and a focus on Personal Accountability to find new and innovative solutions.

4) The Impactful Networks help people from specific industries to maximize their personal impact AND change industry standards.


As of 2022, we have 5 main divisions of SotG, each of which connects in various ways to each of our 4 Pillars:
Women’s Empowerment
Youth Leadership
Entrepreneurial Support
Changing Corporate Culture
NGO Support

This “Corporate Division” page is a landing page for our Changing Corporate Culture Coaching/Consulting Offerings, 

Here is the link to find out more about our:
Corporate Partnership/Sponsorship options. 

Broadly speaking our Changing Corporate Culture Offerings fall into 3 main categories:

Workshops and Seminars

Employee engagement

Diversity & Inclusion

Social Impact platform development
Team building

Leadership development

Individual Coaching/Mentoring

CEO coaching – One on one, group courses, peer advisory groups, and retreats
(Two main focuses – Personal Accountability training & Creative Social Impact)

Exec coaching – Leadership development, employee engagement, Impact training

Management Training – Do you want the future leaders of your company to have a solid philosophy of Personal Accountability or not?
Do you want them to understand Impact and Sustainability and how your company can maximize it’s positive Impact and minimize it’s negative impact?

Social Impact Platform (analysis and optimization)
We have three different levels of engagement

  • Silver – Analyze and Advise
  • Gold – Analyze, Engage, and Devise
  • Platinum – Results in world class Social Impact Platform

Silver – We’ll assess your company’s main Social Impact initiatives and advise on how you can improve using input from a broad spectrum of experts

Gold – We’ll engage your employees, mid-level and senior management to collect and collate a wide range of Social Impact ideas. This not only creates buy-in from the beginning, but also fully engages the intellectual capacity of your organization.
Then we filter those ideas through our global Impact Networks, and craft a personalize Social Impact Platform for your company which is appealing to all of your stakeholders

Platinum – CLICK HERE

We are currently onboarding Regional and National Directors of Operations for both sides of our Corporate division. 

If you would like to apply for one of those positions, please email our Managing Director: