5th Pillar

The Spirit of the Game Foundation has 4 original pillars:

A) A global network of national NGO partners
B) An Impact Consulting/Coaching arm
C) An Impact Network
D) A Social Movement and life philosophy

We are currently in the process of building out the grassroots layers of an eventual 5th Pillar, which will consist of consumer brands so that people who want to support SotG’s work around the world will be able to do so with their daily purchases, as well as with their time and their donations.

Country Managers

The primary role of the country managers will be: 1) Helping to launch new companies in their country based on a franchise model, then training a manager or entrepreneur to take over day to day operations, so they can focus on the next launch
2) Talent scout who looks for great ideas in their own country which can be scaled internationally
3) Coordinator between all the SotG branded companies in their country, minimizing customer acquisition costs for each
4) Liaisoning with other country managers for best practices and with SotG Global to make sure joint marketing it optimized

The pace of development will vary greatly from country to country, so in some countries this might end up being a very occasional role for up to several years, and in others it might be a full time position almost from the beginning. 
As a result our ideal candidates will either have an existing business they could exit/delegate relatively quickly or have already done so. 

Our network will be based on philosophy,
methodology and combined marketing power.

Philosophy: We only want Country Managers and Entrepreneurs who believe in the values of our NGO. Please visit our home page, SpiritoftheGame.org to read more about our mission and core principles

Methodology: Because our focus is on Impact, all of our businesses will:

          Raise funds for our NGO work

          Have a positive impact on their communities

         Set industry standards for ESG & DEI in their country.

Marketing power: Spirit of the Game is an NGO, a life philosophy, a social movement, and a platform for both non-profits and for profit companies which want to create a better society. All of which bring a sense of purpose to the table which is lacking in many business models. Drawing on this sense of purpose and tapping the extensive connections of the SotG Impact Network and global community of supporters will be a key competitive advantage for our marketing efforts.


Our network exists to fund our NGO work, rather than our NGO being a part of the company’s public relations arm. In addition, we will be building up a network of national NGO chapters alongside the national SotG branded companies which will enhance the “think global, act local” element of our model.

Our Country Managers and entrepreneurs will be shareholders, not just subcontractors. Again, the goal of this network is not to make the founders rich, but to create a harmonious and symbiotic ecosystem which allows our experts to make a positive impact in multiple ways while still making a healthy living.


We are starting with an existing network through which includes over 10,000 personal contacts across 145 countries, as well as high level NGO and government contacts, and our Impact Network is increasing in size and reach weekly.
Our 100 Year Plan is 1 Billion supporters of SotG by 2120.

Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?