Directors of Operation Roles and Responsibilities

for SotG Categories(Pillars/Columns + Divisions/Departments + Initiatives)


We are actively recruiting for Regional and National Directors for the following “categories” of SotG:

  1. The Impactful Women’s Network (8 Regional and 4-8 National Directors) – Most of the direct implementation work for TIWN will be done at the City level, so for the most part the Regional and National roles are about recruiting, onboarding, and supporting those City Coordinators, as well as filling in where needed.
    The main exception will be the two online event roles as the Regional/National Directors will organize the Regional/National online events directly.
  2. Entrepreneurial Support – Again, the Regional Directors main roles will be recruiting, onboarding, and supporting National Directors, but also crafting those National Directors into a regional leadership team to customize our offerings for their Region.
    National Directors will recruit, onboard, and support City Coordinators, but also engage directly in the coaching/consulting and grants programs themselves. 
  3. Youth Leadership  – We will have several different Youth Leadership Directors, each handling a different department: 
    – University Ambassador program
    – School Offerings
    – The Impactful Teachers Network
    – Careers With a Purpose
  4. The Impactful Business Network – Essentially the same as The Impactful Women’s Network(see above)
  5. Corporate – As of Q4, 2023 this category of SotG is mostly focused on direct implementation, not on recruiting or building teams, although that is always an option given our amazing track record at recruiting. 
    Our corporate division broadly falls into two separate categories, although each will obviously be used to open doors for the other:
    Changing Corporate Culture – Delivering our coaching/consulting offerings
    – Corporate partnerships – Finding ways that Corporate partners can financially support our work while also gaining a benefit. Current priority is mostly on finding Corporate funding partners for our Centers for Creative Impact and other SotG ‘Centers for Excellence’
  6. Supporting NGOs – Also currently focused on direct implementation, rather than building teams. See link for 3 current categories of NGO Support we are working on. 
  7. Coaching Individuals – Also focused on direct implementation rather than building teams, this category of SotG has 3 main areas:
    – Leadership Development – 
    – Career Transition – Mostly focused on helping individuals make a shift to maximizing their positive Impact on society in the 2nd half of their careers, rather than chasing accomplishments or money. But also working on partnerships with companies so they can help their 50+ year old employees transition gracefully. 
    – Careers with a Purpose – Helping young people to avoid the career traps which so frequently derail the best of intentions. This category also includes some long term global initiatives and specific NGO grant templates. 
  8. Climate & Sustainability
    As our 2nd newest division, C&S is still defining the roles and responsibilities of the Regional and National Directors
  9. Mental Health – As SotG’s newest categories, we also are still defining R&R for this division, but the initial focus will mainly be on online events, and building up a global network of experts to support the other categories.
In addition to these positions, for each Region of the world or region of a country, we also typically have a:
Regional Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson – These two roles have 3 main duties:
A) Help Global/National Directors of Operations recruit the Regional/regional Directors B) Lead the Regional Council meetings and Strategic Planning process and maintain communication between Directors

C) Liaison with other Regional Chairpersons with: updates/challenges/triumphs/questions/&ideas


For each country we also have 1-2 National Chairperson(s) who coordinate the activities of the Directors


The expectations(5-10 hours a week) for the Regional Directors are:

A) Build a team(with our help) and train that team. For the most part this involves recruiting National Directors for your category.

B) Attend the global (or hemispheric) meetings which take place 1-4 times per month with your fellow Regional Directors for your category. (You can appoint a Regional Liaison from your team if you wish)

C) Attend the Regional Council meetings which take place 1-4 times per month with your fellow Regional Directors from your region and other members of the Regional Leadership team. :

The expectations(3-5 hours a week) for the National Directors are:
A) Build a team(with our help) and train that team. For the most part this involves content development/translation of existing materials as well as direct project implementation/promotion. 
B) Attend the regional meetings which take place 1-4 times per month with your fellow National Directors for your category. (You can appoint a National Liaison from your team if you wish)
C) Attend the National Council meetings which take place 1-4 times per month with your fellow National Directors from your region and other members of the National Leadership team. 

Global Directors - not updated yet

Isabella Tonaco

Trent Simmons

NGO Founder, Entrepreneur coach, Coined the term Purpose-Wealth-Happiness Balance

Trent Simmons is the founder of 2 International NGOs, the world’s first Purpose-Wealth-Happiness coach, and was a serial entrepreneur starting at the age of 8. 

His personal network spans 150 countries and over 5000 professionals from all areas of society including government, academia, corporate, NGO, and social entrepreneurs. He utilizes this network extensively in his NGO, consulting, and coaching work. 
As the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the World Spirit of the Game Foundation, he is currently overseeing its 100 Countries in 100 Days international expansion, as well as the Centers for Creative Impact. 

He is passionate about both inspiring AND empowering ordinary people to have a positive Impact on the world.

Christophe Ginguene



SotG Foundation Overview

The World Spirit of the Game Foundation was formed to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountability for their Impact on the world.

Our organization has spread to 30+ countries so far just in 2021 and there are 4 main Pillars of the organization, with each individual or organizational member choosing for themselves how many of these areas they wish to contribute to.

1) Developing SotG as the world’s first “crowd-sourced” life philosophy which both provides individuals with an internal framework for choosing a different definition of winning and as a Social Movement which provides the external framework that helps like minded individuals and organizations around the world maximize their positive impact on society.

2) An Impact Coaching division to help raise funds for the non-profit work, and which now has a wide range of offerings for universities, as well as for corporations, SMEs, and start-ups.

3) Typical NGO work which includes applying for grants on Youth Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, and Entrepreneurial support, among others, as well as organizing global initiatives and supporting other NGOs

4) A global Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems” that consists of individuals and organizations from the worlds of non-profit, social enterprise, for profit, academia and government.

Here is a full video overview of these 4 pillars as well as a deeper explanation of the long term goals of the organization/movement. ——————————————>>>

Overview Video