We see the following subjects being both relevant to the gender pay gap and as being under-served.

Confidence building in how to ask for ad get raises.

Highlighting the unpaid work which women frequently get stuck with. The “mental workload” of mediating disputes, and maintaining a positive workplace culture, etc.

Our goal is also to increase networking opportunities so that women have more options if they don’t get a raise.
One of the most pressing matters in our society is the issue of gender equality. The SotG Foundation is establishing a network of powerful women (and men) interested in teaching women and girls how to take matters into their own hands both in terms of their own professional life and in terms of effecting gender equality across society.

To date we see the following avenues for helping to effect this change:


Slide We believe that individuals can have perhaps their greatest impact as conscious consumers.

We believe that there should be both boycotts (against un-evolved companies) and procotts which promote evolved companies.

We believe that a boycott should include specific demands a company can take to end the boycott, and that these demands should be reasonable and incremental.

An additional goal of the SotG boycott movement is to push for new industry standards which affect large numbers of companies. In most instances this will involve some sort of certification process, either new or incorporating existing standards.

Funding for start-ups which are women owned, or which have gender equality as a foundational principle.

Lobbying large pension funds, and organizing employee petitions
Consulting with existing impact investing funds to help make sure they have adequate criteria.

Selecting small companies which are willing to make positive impact their #1 priority, and leveraging our full network to promote them, putting pressure on the major companies to follow suit or lose market share.
Leading boycotts

Women’s centric impact investment

Slide Our first program is geared specifically towards mothers who are either ready to return to the workforce after an absence or for prospective or soon to be mothers who wish to develop their business plans during a regular or extended maternity leave.

A second demographic which seems significantly under-served is women in large corporations who are nearing the “50 year olds are too expensive” barrier or who have just recently been released.

Thirdly, we also plan to support existing initiatives which encourage entrepreneurial thinking in female teenagers and University students, as this is also an area where women are drastically under-represented.
Entrepreneurial training

We remain open to additional ideas which fit the following criteria:

Targets a demographics or skill set which are not currently being addressed, either on a global or local level.

Contain an element of Personal Accountability.

Is about more than just a good story, and has at least the potential to lead to lasting change.

Slide Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?