Google Grant

We are applying for $2,000,000 in funding for a 24 month program.
$500,000 will be the two year budget for a Global Impact Accelerator for Female Entrepreneurs and Gender Equity Focused Business(businesses which might not have a majority of female founders but which do directly address gender equality in their core mission)

$1,500,000 will go toward 7 Centers for Creative Impact which will each cover a specific geographic area or language group 

3 Language based centers:    Spanish, French, Arabic

3 Geographic based centers: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe/US/Canada 

$250,000 for 2 years is the average budget for each Center

The Centers will

  • Provide educational content for girls, including access to female entrepreneurs role models
  • Facilitate the Identity Projects(virtual incubators ready to transition offline as soon as safe)
  • Train staff of partner incubators on Creative Impact
  • Raise funds to run Regional Impact Accelerators in the 2nd year
  • Aim to be self sustaining by year 3 through grants, corporate partnerships, and equity in Incubated/Accelerated businesses

To do all this, we’re going to need a lot of volunteers and partner organizations. Our goal is 100 people pledging to work at least 1 hour per week on this project on a pro bono basis as well as have as many partner organizations as possible signed on as supporters.

The four main problems we are working to solve are:
1)Most incubators and accelerators are primarily focused on financial success with positive social impact viewed as a nice bonus or possibly a good marketing ploy. 

2)Conventional funding sources are heavily male dominated, and female founders either don’t get funded or have to give up greater equity than their male counterparts.

3)For-profit incubators define success as profitability, and non-profit models aren’t financially self-sustaining

4)Girls in developing countries don’t have enough entrepreneurial role models


Here is how we will address each of these problems

1)We tap into a rapidly growing global network of highly qualified professionals willing to volunteer their time or accept delayed payment based on long term success of our clients.

2)To address the imbalance in funding sources, we also plan to tap into our global Impact Network to help business grow without needing large capital investments and to engage crowdfunding to raise those funds which are necessary for scaling.

3)We’re a non-profit run by entrepreneurs, so hybrid modeling is our specialty and Creative Impact is about creating value for society, and building a business model around that.

4)We’ll have micro-learning modules for girls as well as virtual classes and events featuring female entrepreneurs


As our brand becomes more established we’ll also address the problem of founders spending a disproportionate amount of their time on pitching through matchmaking, and having investors invest directly into our Accelerator instead of individual businesses. In addition we will simultaneously continue to build the global SotG community which then we can tap into for organic crowdfunding. 

Here is a full video overview of these 4 pillars as well as a deeper explanation of the long term goals of the organization/movement.

If you have specific questions or suggestions about this grant or to join the Pledge, please email our Managing Director:

National Council definition

Because SotG has both non-profit divisions and for-profit spinoffs, each country will progress in both areas at its own pace. The SotG National Council will be the umbrella committee which keeps track of developments in both spheres and which will contain representatives from our official SotG Steering Committees, SotG coaches and other businesses, our NGO partnership network, as well as government/academia. 

Regional Steering Committees have been renamed as Regional Councils.