Leadership Chart

Welcome to the SotG Leadership chart. If you have been directed to this page you should have already watched our overview video, and either attended one of our Q&A calls or had a conversation with your National/Regional Coordinator or Volunteer Coordinator. SotG has teams developing all over the world, and our global teams are working on a wide variety of topics. It can be pretty overwhelming to try to wrap your head around everything going on with SotG all at once. So we encourage you to just take it one step at a time.


The top part of this page refers to leadership positions for SotG Global. These positions typically come with a fairly high time commitment, so if you only have 2-3 hours a week to contribute right now or you are just getting started with SotG, you might want to scroll to the second section and look at the City level positions. Many people start in these local positions, then “promote” themselves to a national, regional, or global role after they have been with us a few months and have wrapped their head around all the different possibilities. 



Individuals are welcome to participate at multiple levels if they have time commitment for both/all.

 (New positions to be added soon – University Ambassadors (local) and Retreats Director(Regional or National level)
More details are also available here

To apply for any of these Global positions, please email your relevant resume to SotGFoundation@gmail.com

Here is the full list of SotG Global leadership positions:




SotG Global Board

15-20 HR/WEEK


This is the highest time commitment as you will be active in day to day management of the SotG ecosystem as well as participating in the highest level strategic direction discussions. If you have a full time job or business, you probably do not have time for this role.

Global Council

  5-10 HR/WEEK


You will take charge of at least 1 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, and provide regular updates every 2-3 weeks to the other Global Council members, as well as filling an Advisory Board role. 

Working Group Co-Chair

    3-5 HR/WEEK


You will take charge of at least 1 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, or actively help to lead at least 2 initiatives, but are not obligated to attend every Global Council or Advisory Board meeting

Working Group Member

    2-3 HR/WEEK


You support the Co-Chairs by attending at least ⅔ of the weekly or bi-weekly meetings of a specific Working Group

Division Co-Chair

    4-6 HR/WEEK


You will facilitate communication between the different Working Groups within your division as well as participate in overall strategic planning sessions for your Division

Regional Council

    2-4 HR/WEEK


You will attend the weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a goal of establishing a Regional Strategic Plan and you will also help recruit National Council members. Each Council starts with 5 initial roles: Volunteer Coordinator, Social Media Coordinator, Meeting Planner, Secretary, Liaison to Global Council.

National Council

    2-4 HR/WEEK


You will help craft a National Strategic Plan based again on selecting 3-5 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, AND starting to   implement  those programs either through a partnership with an existing NGO and/or coaching company and/or networking organization OR establishment of a new SotG chapter in that country. (Typically these positions will be filled by local contributors who have already demonstrated their commitment, rather than appointed by SotG Global)


Individuals are welcome to serve in multiple functions if they have sufficient time to dedicate for each role. For more details, please visit this page


We also have the following City Level positions, please read our current strategic plan for more details on these roles:
City/State Coordinator – Onboards and oversees the other roles, filling in when other contributors need a break

Volunteer Coordinator – Primarily using the City LinkedIn page to run ads, follow up with applicants, and then onboard new contributors

Social Media Coordinator – Promoting both local events, as well as national level online events, global events, global initiatives, and Coaching offerings. Currently mostly top down and using LinkedIn, but SM coordinators are welcome to set up other channels and to develop their own content

Community Organizer – Organizing first Discussion Events and Discussion Groups, then SotG Clubs

Partnership Coordinator – Exploring collaborations with other like minded organizations for events, initiatives or over time, applying for grants together



National/Regional Directors of Operations – In the beginning this is mostly a fancy job title for the volunteer coordinator position, but with the expectation that they will be a long term contributor to SotG in their country and they will be engaged in the Strategic Planning process once we are ready for that phase. 

Volunteer Coordinator – This can be more of a temporary role than the National/Regional Director of Operations role, and you don’t have to worry about strategic planning, partnerships, etc. so you can just focus on either Recruiting, Onboarding, or Cultur

Social Media Coordinator -Oversee the activities of the city level SM positions and help craft a national SM strategy in conjunction with the Global SM team. 

———These first three are the immediate leadership team we need to get started in a new country, but longer term there are many other roles which will be needed——-

Partnership coordinator –  Exploring collaborations with other linked minded organizations for events, initiatives or over time, applying for grants together

Director of SotG Discussion Groups – Overseeing the national structure of the groups, and sharing insights between city level coordinators

Director of SotG Clubs – Developing new initiatives for clubs, and coordinating activities, as well as onboarding new city level SotG Club leadership

Grants Directors – Grant research, applying for grants, implementing grants

Director of Impact Coaching Coalition – overseeing the recruitment and onboarding of new coaches, helping to refine SotG Global coaching offerings to a local context

Director of Youth Leadership – Our youth division falls into 4 broad categories – 

     1)University offerings&Strategic Partnerships, 

     2)School Offerings and The Impactful Teachers Network, 

     3)NGO programming, 

     4)Global initiatives such as Not in My Name, Get In, Get Out, and Student athlete non-profit initiative

Director of Entrepreneurial Support – Oversees implementation of our offerings, primarily Creative Impact, coordinates partnership with other non-profit and for-profit partners in this field

Director of Corporate Engagement –
1) Seeking corporate sponsors for our non-profit programs and initiative
2) Building relationships for our corporate consulting/coaching offerings

3) Strategic partnerships such as Social Impact Intrapreneurship or Corporate Social Impact accelerators


We define our national and regional leadership groups as either Councils or Boards
Boards – Oversee operations but are not directly involved in day to day operations, instead focusing on strategic planning, partnerships, funding, etc.
Councils – Tend to be made up of representatives from several specific groups, such as our Global Council, made up of representatives from each of our regional teams and our different divisions. Or if a country has several Regional teams, representatives from those teams can form the national leadership Council.

In the long run, each of our Pillars will have its own national level Councils/Boards, as well as the overarching National Council or Board. 

 Parallel to the above national and city level leadership,


THE IMPACTFUL BUSINESS NETWORK will have a largely independent leadership structure. Some of these will be partially paid roles once there are enough members in a city/country/region to justify that stipend.
And again it is fine to serve in one of these roles alongside your contributions in other areas of SotG.




National/Regional Coordinator

10-20 HR/WEEK


Recruiting City Coordinators, Leading ongoing training/best practices meetings between City Coordinators
Organizing National/Regional Online Events

City/State Coordinator

  5-10 HR/WEEK


You will be in charge of scheduling local events, both online and in-person, and both social/networking events as well as formal business meetings

You will also be in charge of recruiting and retaining new members, including the initial onboarding interview where you make sure new members are connected with relevant other members in their industry/interest group, both locally, nationally, and globally


    ?? HR/WEEK


You will need to first get certified as a SotG Coach, but if you have a background in corporate, entrepreneurial, or career or life coaching, this is typically a fairly short process

Online Events Coordinator

    2-10 HR/WEEK


This position would either be a volunteer position to start, or not a position until there are sufficient members in a country/region. You will help the Coordinators organize and communicate about online events.

Forums Manager

    2-6 HR/WEEK


In many cases this role will be filled by a volunteer or member who is particularly passionate about a special interest topic, but if the topic is popular enough with the global membership base, this could evolve into a paid role.