Leadership Positions

In addition to positions listed below we are now also recruiting City Coordinators and National Coordinators for 


For 2022, the basic leadership positions for SotG we are looking to fill fall into 3 categories(A recap of all our roles and their responsibilities is available at the bottom of this page:
Global Council – Extended advisory board for SotG Global, but with each member leading development of a specific global initiative.

Regional Councils – Crafting a Regional Strategic Plan based on prioritizing 3-5 of those global initiatives & recruiting National Council members

National Councils – Crafting a National Strategic Plan based again on selecting 3-5 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, AND starting to implement those programs either through a partnership with an existing NGO and/or coaching company and/or networking organization OR establishment of a new SotG chapter in that country. Below are more details.
Individuals are welcome to participate at multiple levels if they have time commitment for both/all three.

2) National Councils (National Coordinator Positions)

Time Commitment – 2-4 hours per week approximately

Role – 

Each National Council is responsible for designing and implementing a Strategic Plan customized for their country based on the following criteria:

  1. What are the biggest societal topics or issues in your country in which Personal Accountability(or any of our other core principles)is being neglected?
  2.  How is SotG uniquely positioned to influence that topic, either due to our philosophies, our methodology, or our netwoconrk/ability to build networks?
  3. What are the qualifications for our existing team or network in that country to be taken seriously on that societal topic?
In general National Strategic Plans will consist of the following elements:
  • Participation in initiatives/events from the World Spirit of the Game Foundation which are applicable to that country
  • Implementation of specific programs from SotG Global’s menu of options. Each program can typically be customized to fit the exact requirements of each county and the capacity of the SotG team in that country
  • Specific regional initiatives as decided upon by the Regional Council

The primary members of each National Council will be National Coordinators, each of whom will typically have a specific focus on one of the following:

A) NGO work & networking with/supporting other NGOs – SotGFoundation@gmail.com

B) SotG as a Social Movement                                                        – SotGFoundation@gmail.com

C) Impact Consulting/Coaching Coalition                                – Trent.Simmons@SpiritoftheGame.org

D) SotG’s Impact Network                                                                 – Trent.Simmons@SpiritoftheGame.org

E) Women’s Empowerment                                                              – Lucrecia.Almaraz@yahoo.com


Please send an email to the appropriate address if you are interested in getting involved in that area of our work


3) Regional Councils

Time Commitment – 2-4 hours per week approximately

Role –

  1. Help recruit National Coordinators for all/most of the countries in that region
  2. Liaison between SotG Global and those National Coordinators (In the beginning most of the Regional Council members will be National Coordinators, but over time we’ll need separate people in these roles because of point 4
  3.  Promote global online events and global initiatives
  4. Create a Strategic Plan for their region – Basically, not everything SotG Global will be working on will be applicable to every region, and each region of the world will have specific challenges and opportunities that it doesn’t make sense for the Global Council to focus on. So to some degree this will be picking and choosing from the global menu, but also coming up with new ideas and telling SotG Global how we can support you. 

    (National Coordinators will essentially do this same thing on a national level)

    Here is a link to the full Regional Council Handbook


4) SotG Global positions (Global Council-clickable link)

Time Commitment 5-10 hours per week

In addition to the Council positions, we also have three other roles for SotG Global
Division Co-Chairs help to maintain communication and momentum between all the global initiatives which fall under that division. Many of the Global Council members also serve as Division Co-Chairs

SotG Global Board Members have the highest time commitment(10-15 hours per week) as they are Global Council members who also assist with day to day operation of the organization

Global Working Group Members are the ones who support the Global Council members in helping to advance specific initiatives, typically be attending a 60-90 minute meeting every 1-2 weeks. 


        Time Commitment – 4-6 hours per week approximately

          Role – Please visit this link

Right now our top needs are Co-Chairs for the University, Schools, and Climate&Sustainability divisions

         Global Board Members

          Time Commitment – 10-15 hours per week

Role –

  1. Help develop and implement the Strategic Plan for SotG Global(aka World Spirit of the Game Foundation)
  2. Each Global Board member typically has one Pillar as their primary focus and act in a supporting role to other Board members on at least 1 additional Pillar.
  3. Use their personal network to recruit additional contributors to SotG Global, the Regional Councils, and the National Councils
  4. Use their business network to help find clients for our consulting/coaching services as well as partners for our NGO work and Impact Network
To apply to join the Global Board of SotG, please email our Managing Director: Trent.Simmons@SpiritoftheGame.org

Global Working Groups

Time Commitment for members- 60-90 minutes every 1-2 weeks, typically for a 3-6 month period

Role – Brainstorming, Content development, and/or marketing strategy for specific SotG offerings or NGO topics, i.e. SotG Workshops for Schools, or Youth Leadership NGO programs, or Female Entrepreneurship, etc.

Time Commitment for Working Group Co-Chairs – 3-6 hours per month (same working group responsibilities as Global Council members but do not participate in the Advisory Board functions)


  •  Create agenda for each working group session, take notes on the conversation, and prepare a written or video summary of each meeting
  •  Report to the Global Council meetings to:
    • Present the summary of their Working Group meetings 
    • Make specific requests for help from the other Global Council members/global Working Groups
    • Take note of requests from other Global Council members/global Working Groups which their group may be able to help with

To apply for a Regional or Global Council position, please email your relevant resume to SotGFoundation@gmail.com

5) Other ways you can support SotG


Time Commitment – No specific time commitment

Global Ambassador – Do you have a truly global network and/or social media following? Help promote SotG events and global initiatives as well as inviting your followers/supporters to join our Social Movement

Regional Ambassador – If your network is mostly in a specific region of the world, you can support our Regional Councils and regional initiatives

National Ambassador – If you have a nationwide network/following, you can help promote specific national level programs as well as various regional and global initiatives and events

Local Ambassador       – Even if you don’t have a nationwide network, you can still help to support and grow SotG in your area. 


If you don’t have time to actively contribute, you can financially support SotG by making a donation via paypal to 10MillionDiscs@gmail.com


If you have neither time or money to support, you can still subscribe to our newsletter by emailing SotGFoundation@gmail.com


We have a wide array of individuals and teams around the world who want to support SotG by building a business under our brand umbrella. In addition to helping grow our brand, these businesses are also expected to help financially support the foundation in the future, so with discretion, we help support their growth. A few examples are a credit union in Trinidad&Tobago, an Impact Investing consultancy in Switzerland, and a sports company in Turkey.

Our organization has 4 main Pillars and the Strategic Plan listed below explains our current plans for the US. Once we have sufficient leadership in Canada and Mexico, we’ll do the same process there.

1) Developing SotG as the world’s first “crowd-sourced” life philosophy which both provides individuals with an internal framework for choosing a different definition of winning and as a Social Movement which provides the external framework that helps like minded individuals and organizations around the world maximize their positive impact on society.  

2) An Impact Coaching division to help raise funds for the non-profit work, and which now has a wide range of offerings for universities, as well as for corporations, SMEs, and start-ups. 

3) Typical NGO work which includes applying for grants on Youth Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, and Entrepreneurial support, among others, as well as organizing national/global initiatives and supporting other NGOs

4) A national/global Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems” that consists of individuals and organizations from the worlds of non-profit, social enterprise, for profit, academia and government.

Here is a full video overview of these 4 pillars as well as a deeper explanation of the long term goals of the organization/movement.

Here is our State/Provincial Coordinator Handbook. We will begin recruiting for those positions once the national and regional Boards of Directors are more solidified. In the meantime we have created the Ambassador role for people who want to support SotG but either don’t have the time yet for an official position or simply aren’t familiar enough yet with our whole ecosystem to know where they fit in. 

Estimated time commitment for the National Boards is 10-20 hours per month, with 5-10 hours per month for the Regional Board members.

National Strategic Plan (Sample version)
NGO Pillar –

Short term – Discussion Events both in-person and online

                         – Role Model Series for girls

                         – Start SotG Women’s Empowerment clubs at Universities

Mid term      – Develop full suite of services for schools, school-children and teachers

Long Term – Continuing expanding network of official NGO partners and establishing new national level NGOs under the SotG banner

Impact Coaching Pillar –

Short term – Peer Advisory Sprint Sessions

Mid term     – Corporate Client pitch deck, Creative Impact partnerships with incubators and co-working spaces

Long term – University offerings, School Offerings, Launch our own Accelerators

Social Movement Pillar – 

Short term – SotG Women’s Empowerment Clubs and Discussion Groups

Long term – Uniting various communities and causes 

Impact Network Pillar – 

Short term – First city chapters of the Impactful Business Network

Mid term      – SotG100 Global panel

Long term   – Worldwide network of Impact&Sustainability experts from all areas of society




Global Board

15-20 HR/WEEK

This is the biggest time commitment as you will be active in day to day management of the SotG ecosystem as well as participating in the highest level strategic direction discussions

Global Council

  5-10 HR/WEEK

You will take charge of at least 1 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, and provide regular updates every 2-3 weeks to the other Global Council members, as well as filling an Advisory Board role. 

Working Group Co-Chair

    3-5 HR/WEEK

You will take charge of at least 1 specific initiative from the SotG Global menu, or actively help to lead at least 2 initiatives, but are not obligated to attend every Global Council or Advisory Board meeting

Working Group Member

    2-3 HR/WEEK

You support the Co-Chairs by attending at least ⅔ of Working Group meetings

Division Co-Chair

    4-6 HR/WEEK

You will facilitate communication between the different Working Groups within your division as well as participate in overall strategic planning sessions for your Division

Regional Council

    2-4 HR/WEEK

You will attend the weekly or bi-weekly meetings with a goal of establishing a Regional Strategic Plan and you will also help recruit National Council members

National Council

    2-4 HR/WEEK

You will attend the weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the goal of establishing and then implementing a National Strategic Plan

Individuals are welcome to serve if multiple functions if they have sufficient volunteer time for each role.


THE IMPACTFUL BUSINESS NETWORK will have a largely independent leadership structure. Most of these will be partially paid roles once there are enough members in a city/country/region to justify that stipend.




National/Regional Coordinator

10-20 HR/WEEK

Recruiting City Coordinators, Leading ongoing training/best practices meetings between City Coordinators
Organizing National/Regional Online Events

City Coordinator

  5-10 HR/WEEK

You will be in charge of scheduling local events, both online and in-person, and both social/networking events as well as formal business meetings

You will also be in charge of recruiting and retaining new members, including the initial onboarding interview where you make sure new members are connected with relevant other members in their industry/interest group, both locally, nationally, and globally


    ?? HR/WEEK

You will need to first get certified as a SotG Coach, but if you have a background in corporate, entrepreneurial, or career or life coaching, this is typically a fairly short process

Online Events Coordinator

    2-10 HR/WEEK

This position would either be a volunteer position to start, or not a position until there are sufficient members in a country/region. You will help the Coordinators organize and communicate about online events.

Forums Manager

    2-6 HR/WEEK

In many cases this role will be filled by a volunteer or member who is particularly passionate about a special interest topic, but if the topic is popular enough with the global membership base, this could evolve into a paid role.