No Label 

Simonetta and Valentina’s Talk Show! 

A moment to share stories, experiences, reflections and awareness of the world that revolves around Women.
Being aware of one’s condition, rights, duties, current situation, one’s context and what can be done, is the first step in reducing the gender gap.

No Label was born with the intention of recounting sometimes even difficult and delicate themes in an unconventional way and always with a positive final vision; a chat in a special lounge, where guests feel at ease talking, with a glass of wine as a side dish because, after all, No Label is an aperitif.
No Label is Inclusive, because voices are given to everyone, without distinction of gender, age, background or origin.

If you too recognize yourself in what is written, then you are like us a/a No Label and you will be welcome in our living room.
If you have a story to tell and want to participate, write to us.