Platinum Level
Social Impact Platform Optimization

Social Impact Platform (analysis and optimization)
We have three different levels of engagement

  • Silver – Analyze and Advise
  • Gold – Analyze, Engage, and Devise
  • Platinum – Results in world class Social Impact Platform


A) We won’t simply analyze your existing Social Impact Platform from our point of view, we will also poll your external stakeholders(see list below) as to their opinion on your Platform.

B) In addition to leading brainstorming workshops with your employees, mid-level, and senior managment, we’ll also do the same thing with your Board of Directors, your Advisory Board, and representative groups* from your external stakeholders.

We will also encourage these groups to be as creative as possible, because no matter how unique an idea may seem at the time, odds are that somewhere in our vast global network, we already know somebody who has done something similar.
We take rough ideas, and turn them into polished gems ready for integration with the rest of the platform

C) We don’t simply develop your ideal Social Impact Platform, we also directly help you implement it, engaging many of our stakeholders as well. 

*For example, if we run a brainstorming session with your media contacts and one of them has a novel idea which we help you implement, you can rest assured of publicity which money can’t buy. 

Platinum +

Platinum + is a multi-year effort which doesn’t just engage your external stakeholders, it also engages the networks of your network, and your long term initiatives can be tied in with long term initiatives of the World Spirit of the Game Foundation. 

External Stakeholders:

The obvious ones:

Your customers
Your suppliers
Your NGO partners
Your local community

The less obvious ones:

Potential customers
Potential brand ambassadors who may never need your product
Volunteers (yes, for-profit companies can still attract volunteers if their Social Impact Platform is robust and unique enough)
Your media contacts
Local government 
Academic connections
Start-ups who could become your suppliers
Incubators and other entrepreneurial support organizations
The family members of your employees