Taking off the mask

Trent Simmons

In 2016 a small spring retreat was held in the Swiss mountains with the motto: 

No ties, No cards, No titles. 

In other words, participants were instructed to set aside their public personas and communicate openly about their problems, their dreams, and their fears. This was an opportunity for them to not only share their true selves, but to actually explore who they were; to take off the conflicting masks they wear to hide their insecurities and fear of being judged.

But equally important, this process allowed them to discover not only that everybody has insecurities, but also to gain valuable feedback on issues they thought were unique. And most of all, this process awakened a desire to truly help the others in the group who were allowing themselves to be vulnerable, allowing a free flow of insights which is only possible once judgmentalism and fear of being judged can be set aside.

The results were life changing, especially for Andreas Seonbuchner who realized that people all over the world need access to this type of peer to peer counseling. He also realized that it was him who needed to make this vision a reality. His career successes had given him the network and resources to make this happen, while his setbacks had prepared him mentally to take on this challenge and see it through to fruition.

Thus was born crowdcoach.com

To read more about crowdcoach in Andreas’ own words, read on: