Can you imagine a global business network which exists solely to help all of its members to maximize their company's positive Impact on the world?

The Impactful Business Network (TIBN) envisions a global business network dedicated to maximizing positive impact in the world. As of Q2, 2023, TIBN comprises several communities like TISBN, TICN, TIEN, and TIIN. These networks aim to offer online communities, events, courses, local chapters, and conferences. TIBN’s goal is to provide members with a global network, free business impact coaching, and the assurance that profits support global NGOs. Their vision is to create a global business network for those who want to use their business for positive social impact. The network is based on the philosophy, methodology, and marketing power of Spirit of the Game, an NGO. The network also offers various coaching and consulting services, and its uniqueness lies in the free coaching hours, discounted services, and regular community interactions.


As of Q2, 2023 our vision for TIBN consists of several distinct communities which regularly interact with each other:

TISBN – The Impactful Small Business Network
TICN – The Impactful Coaches/Consultants Network (public version)
TIEN – The Impactful Enterprise(Corporate) Network – (Impactful CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO & CHRO Networks as well as a group membership for non-executives)
TIIN –  The Impactful Investors Network

Each of these Networks will eventually comprise the following 5 elements, but starting point might vary from Network to Network.

Online Community
Online Events
Online Courses
Local Chapters
Conferences and/or Retreats
The Impactful Business Network
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Our goal is to provide our members with triple value for their subscription:

A)  A global network of their peers and top experts, as well as a local and national community, with online and in-person events and learning opportunities

B) Access to free hours of Business Impact coaching/consulting as part of the standard membership fee & discounted rates for follow-up work

C) The knowledge that the profits from this network go to support a global NGO as well as its local affiliates; the profits don’t go to making the owners/investors rich.

Our Vision: A global business network for owners/management who want to use their business for positive social Impact on the world AND for people from other areas of society who want to support them.


Next you will find the overview video that will take you trough the details:


A global business network with chapters in most major countries around the world. Membership will consist of business owners/managers AND supporters from the world of academia, government, NGO, media, etc.
Any profits from this network will be used to support our global non-profit and its national chapters.
We are currently in the process of building out the grassroots layers of the global network through business owners/managers who share our core principles and who wish to help develop this network. There will be a sliding fee schedule to accommodate all sizes of businesses, in whichever stage they might be.

Our network will be based on philosophy,
methodology and combined marketing power.

Philosophy: We only want owners/managers who believe in the values of our NGO. Please visit our home page, to read more about our mission and core principles

Methodology: Because our focus is on Impact, we have positioned ourselves at a multi-disciplinary nexus, giving our members access to a unique combination of skill sets, i.e. the type of insight and ideas which you typically can’t get from within the business community

Marketing power: Spirit of the Game is an NGO, a life philosophy, and a social movement, all of which bring a sense of purpose to the table which is lacking in many business models. 

Drawing on this sense of purpose and tapping the extensive connections of the SotG global Impact Network will be a key competitive advantage both in how we attract members and how we help our members maximize their positive impact on the world.



Our network exists to fund our NGO work, rather than our NGO being a part of the company’s public relations arm. In addition, it is our intention to build up a network of national NGO chapters alongside the national networking franchises which will enhance the “think global, act local” element of our model.

We will have local shareholders, not just subcontractors. Again, the goal of this coaching network is not to make the founders rich, but to create a harmonious and symbiotic ecosystem which allows our members to make a positive impact in multiple ways while still making a healthy living.

We are starting with an existing network which includes over 10,000 personal contacts across 145 countries, as well as high level NGO and government contacts, and our Impact Network is increasing in size and reach weekly.



Employee Engagement Workshops – For owner/managers who are looking for help engaging their employees with either the ideation or implementation of their Social Impact Platform.

Leadership Development – Individual and group consulting, as well as peer advisory groups for owners, CEOs, board members, executives, and executive assistants

Full Social Impact Platform Analysis and Development – We can:

  • Do a full consult on your current platform
  • Lead the ideation process throughout your stakeholder ecosystem
  • Design a comprehensive platform which both takes advantage of your company’s unique position in the marketplace AND engages all of your stakeholders

In select cases, we may also be positioned to act as your external implementation partners, essentially a white lable NGO. But in general we prefer to train your personnel as that will allow us to maximize the use of our time.
We also have a full range of partners who can offer Sustainability services, which allows us to stay focused on Impact. 



There are several other elements which make our global Impactful Business Network unique:

 Each member gets X hours of free coaching/consulting included in the basic membership package

We will be continually adding to our list of certified business partners who will offer their services at a discount to our members.

A regular schedule of both online and in-person(Covid permitting) meetings, as well as a matchmaking structure to help our members interact with members in other cities.

A special membership rate for startups and for NGOs, especially those in the startup phase. There will also be a special student rate for the supporter membership.

Regular polling of our community to determine which additional features or changes to our current systems are actually desired; i.e. no top down, arbitrary changes simply because it’s easier for our leadership team.


Business Presentation Format

A standard segment (1-3 segments per meeting) of each meeting will be a business owner/manager looking for help with or feedback on their company’s Social Impact Platform. These presentations will typically follow this format:

A) A brief overview of the core business and major divisions

B) A summary of the existing social impact platform

C) Future plans or current ideas the owner/CEO is looking for help with

D) Q&A

Audience participation

E) Then there will be a group brainstorming session on new ideas

F) The meeting segment will wrap up with either an agreed upon action plan, including individual contributions, OR the business owner/CEO will agree to do some homework and present again at a future meeting.


– Addressing ongoing obstacles and exploring for hidden issues
– Creative problem solving
– Workplace culture and change introduction
– Employee buy-in of Impact responsibility


Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?