Membership Benefits

TIWN will have three Membership Tiers in the beginning (We’re also developing Gold, Platinum, and 100 Year Plan tiers)

LOCAL MEMBERSHIP- Priced according to the local economy in each city, typically ranging from $300-$50 per year

VIRTUAL MEMBERSHIP= $300 PER YEAR, with significant discounts(up to 66%) for the first 200 global members (or for the first 2 months, i.e. end of 2022, or Jan 2023)

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP= $1000 PER YEAR, with significant discounts for Local Members and also for the initial Founding Members

Local Membership Benefits

Each City Chapter will have at least 1 event every month with an expert speaker/facilitator
Each City Chapter will have 1 full membership event every month
Most city chapters will have frequent coffee/lunch/happy hour/dinner “meet-ups” in between the monthly events as well as the fun events like BBQs, museum tours, movie nights, game nights, etc and casual-serious events like Philosophy Night, club activity brainstorming sessions, hackathons
Each year, each active City Club will also have some sort of gala, banquet, or family event with a budget provided from the premium membership dues.

MONTHLY GROUP ORIENTATION SESSIONS where members can ask any questions about the Network and benefits

A percentage of membership fees will be reserved for local community service projects which the members get to propose and vote on.
Each City Chapter will also pursue additional group discounts with local vendors for items such as spa days, group wellness classes, financial planners, resume writers, etc.


Discounted rates for SotG Retreats and other in-person events. 


Virtual Membership Benefits

At least one global event every week with a different expert
At least one global networking event every week

Most Regional teams and Continental teams will also host online events based on the interests of the members in that Region or on that Continent.
on over 20 different Impact and Personal Development related topics
Weekly Newsletter and Weekly Blog articles
A new online course every 6 month
MEMBERSHIP IN ONLINE PLATFORM – for searching for members in other cities/countries and communication
WEEKLY GROUP ORIENTATION SESSIONS where members can ask any questions about the Network and benefits

Discounted rates for SotG Retreats and online education classes


Premium Membership Benefits

All of the Virtual Membership benefits as well as:

PREMIUM FORUM CHANNELS with paid moderators


COACHING(Starting in 2023)

We are developing several different Journeys:


  • Becoming an Impact expert in your current job
  • Starting an Impact Consultancy / Transitioning your current Consultancy into an Impact Consultancy
  • Becoming an Impact Coach / Transitioning your current Coaching business into an Impact Coaching business
  • Starting an Impactful Business / Transitioning an existing business into an Impactful Business
  • Mental Health
  • Resilience
  • Impact Investing
  • Creative Impact (A blend of all of the above)
Most Journeys will consist of 4 Phases:
Phase 1: Introduction to (3 Months)
Phase 2: Beginner Certification (3 Months)
Phase 3: Advanced Certification (6 Months) – Involves mentoring someone in the Beginner Phase
Phase 4: Expert Certification (9 Months) – Culminating in a “graduation project”

Most Phases will consist of:
  • 1 or more Online course(s)
  • Peer Advisory Groups
  • Dedicated Forums
  • Peer Advisory Sprint Sessions
  • A Mentor for each participant
  • Expert Facilitator(s)


Each member not enrolled in a Journey will get 1-3 free 30 minute coaching sessions per quarter with different experts and all members will receive a 15-25% discount if they hire TIWN experts for coaching/consulting/etc.


SotG Foundation Overview

The World Spirit of the Game Foundation was formed to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountability for their Impact on the world.

Our organization has spread to 60+ countries so far in just 3 years and there are 4 main Pillars of the organization, with each individual or organizational member choosing for themselves how many of these areas they wish to contribute to.

Our 4 Pillars

1) Developing SotG as the world’s first “crowd-sourced” life philosophy which both provides individuals with an internal framework for choosing a different definition of winning and as a Social Movement which provides the external framework that helps like minded individuals and organizations around the world maximize their positive impact on society.

2) An Impact Coaching division to help raise funds for the non-profit work, and which now has a wide range of offerings for universities, as well as for corporations, SMEs, and start-ups.

3) Typical NGO work which includes applying for grants on Youth Leadership, Women’s Empowerment, and Entrepreneurial support, among others, as well as organizing global initiatives and supporting other NGOs

4) A global Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems” that consists of individuals and organizations from the worlds of non-profit, social enterprise, for profit, academia and government.

Here is a full video overview of these 4 pillars as well as a deeper explanation of the long term goals of the organization/movement.

Overview Video