University Ambassadors


The World Spirit of the Game Foundation’s(SotG Global) mission is to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountabily for maximizing their Impact on the world. We operate under 4 main Pillars:

1) A worldwide social movement based on  the world’s “first crowd-sourced” life philosophy

2) An Impact Coaching/Consulting Coalition which directly influenced the corporate and start-up worlds as well academia, all while raising funds for our non-profit work.

3) A global network of NGOs which address root causes of societal dysfunction through long term planning and a focus on Personal Accountability to find new and innovative solutions.

4) The Impactful Networks help people from specific industries to maximize their personal impact AND change industry standards.


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The latest update as of June 1 is that we are looking for 2 University Partners for each of the 5 Regions of Africa to co-host a Center for Creative Impact, and we’ll also be looking for 2 Universities per region to co-host a Careers With a Purpose Center. 



Our University Ambassador program is designed to advance each of these pillars in different ways:

1) Our SotG University Clubs directly tie students into our local communities as well as helping to grow those communities

2) We have formed a coalition of like minded companies to deliver a full suite of services to Universities all over the world.  

3) We have a variety of grant templates, such as Social Entrepreneurship workshops for Women’s Empowerment clubs,etc.

4) The Impactful Teachers Network also includes training for university staff who want the most up to date learning on social impact and Careers with a Purpose to pass onto their students. 


 For Spring 2022, we have four primary roles for our University Ambassadors; these are all options, so it is totally fine to only focus on one or two of these areas, you are not obligated to try to cover all four:

A) Starting/helping to start SotG Clubs

B) Introducing our University Coaching/Consulting offerings to the appropriate department at your institution

C) Promoting SotG Student Retreats/Experiences

D) Introducing our Strategic Partnerships model to your administration


Starting SotG Clubs or recruiting students to start those clubs

In addition to our basic SotG Club Structure, we also have specialized versions to focus on thematic areas:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Social Entrepreneurship – webpage is in development, but overall structure is similar to a regular entrepreneurship club, just with the Social element being emphasized
  • Community Service – Webpage also in development. Focus of these clubs is initially on direct interaction with the local community, but over time we’ll also be adding travel opportunities.
  • Youth Leadership development – Training universities students on SotG Coaching techniques to lead workshops with high school and middle school students

University Offerings – SotG provides a full suite of coaching/consulting services for Universities as well. We do not require any of our University Ambassadors to be salespeople, so this is entirely optional, however this is one area where being a UA is not solely a volunteer position, as we happily pay up to 20% referral fee for any coaching/consulting business which a UA brings to SotG. 


SotG Retreats 

– Our flagship retreat is a full 2.5 immersive experience set in nature where each participant identified their personal priorities in terms of both Personal Development and Social Impact. Then with the assistant of peers and global experts, they craft a Personal Social Impact Platform Action Plan and come out of the retreat fully energized with a clear sense of purpose AND action steps, as well as connections to our global and local communities.  Life changing not only for the participant but for the people around them as well.


We also have 1/2 day, 1 day, and blended Retreats which are a little less intense. 

Strategic University Partnerships 

Our mission is to bridge the gaps between academia, for-profits and non-profits and we’re looking for progressive thinking institutions and faculty to bring their ideas to the table.
So what is on your institutions “wish list” of types of programs you’d like to work on, but maybe don’t have the relevant Social Impact expertise or global network to implement on your own?


We are looking for Regional and National Coordinators for this University Ambassador prograam(i.e. individuals or organizations with an extensive university network within their country) to help us promote these offerings, with a generous referral plan. 

If you would like to get involved in bringing the SotG University Ambassador program to your country, please email our Managing Director: