We will have a US Q&A call on Wed, March 23rd at 1700 EDT. If you can’t make that, we will also have a global Q&A call at 0600 and 1200 that day. Please watch our general overview video first so we don’t have to answer basic questions.

If none of those work, and/or if you are specifically interested in The Impactful Women’s Network, you can join our weekly call for that initiative on Tue at 1000 EDT, but you must first watch both the general overview video and the TIWN overview video.
All calls will take place in our Zoom Room: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/4040586152

Rough Strategic Plan – US SotG Q2, 2022

Our developments in the US are progressing too fast for us to keep an up to date AND professional looking page for the US.
Since we have to choose, we choose up to date over professional looking.

Pillar 4 – Social Movement
We are recruiting Regional, State, and City Coordinators. At the City level each team will consists of 

      Volunteer Coordinators(VC), 

      Social Media Coordinators(SM), and 

      Community Organizers(CO). 
Regional and State teams will consist of VCs, SMs, and oversight roles for our Discussion Events, our Discussion Groups, and SotG Clubs, both at a community level and within universities, community colleges and high schools

We will also have a National Board for this Pillar but in the beginning that board will simply be composed of 1-2 representative from each Regional team. 

Pillar 3 – Impactful Networks
We will be globally launching The Impactful Women’s Network sometime this summer, 

    In addition to building a partner network of experts and other networks, we are currently:
         Putting together a National leadership team, as well as 

         Regional, State, and City Coordinators. 
We will also be launching The Impactful Business Network later this year
And The Impactful Teachers Network in late 2022 or early 2023

Pillar 2 – Impact Coaching Coalition
We’ll start our first global offering in April with Peer Advisory Sprint Sessions for Female Leaders
We’re developing an Impact Certification & Accreditation process for businesses of all sizes
We’re now accepting clients for our Integrating Impact into Start-up DNA offering, aka “Impact is for Everyone”, mostly for for-profit start-ups but with a special offering for Credit Unions
We’ll have an annual SotG Global Coaching Summit in April. 

Pillar 1 – NGO Work
We have 5 different initiatives to either support existing NGOs or help specific groups start their own non-profit initiatives. 

We are also starting to research grants we ourselves can apply for. 

We are assembling a National Board for this pillar as well as:
   a Working Group  to explore grants and
   a Working Group to develop our own NGO Support offerings.