Who said anything about Easy?

At a corporate workshop recently, we were discussing how and when to take a stand when confronted with morally dubious decisions at work. Changing jobs was discussed as one possibility and a manager said “It’s not that easy”

And they are right, it isn’t an easy decision. But easy decisions are how the world has gotten so messed up; easy is how we got here. Hard choices are what will be needed to turn things around and make the future of humanity more promising than our past. 

The first step in relearning how to make hard choices is simply acknowledging when you are making an easy choice. Far too often in the corporate world, contributors almost have to live in a state of constant denial. I use the term contributors in this context rather than employees because we must all face up to the reality that if we aren’t a part of the solution, we are contributing to the problem, even if we are silent partners.

Here are 5 justifications which frequently accompany an Easy Choice. 

  1. I’m doing this for my family
  2. If I don’t do this, the company will simply replace me with someone who will
  3. Once I gain more seniority I will be able to change the way we do things
  4. It wouldn’t make a difference anyway. 
  5. Everybody else does it

A large part of our mission in facilitating the development of Spirit of the Game as a life philosophy and global social movement is to help individuals become a part of a community of like-minded individuals who can make each person’s choice more meaningful. 

If you are ready to start the journey towards being able to make tougher choices we invite you to start with our online Daily Introspection course. If you feel you have benefitted from the course we welcome your donation at the end, but enrollment is free.