Whats the Plan of action for Women's Empowerment clubs?


The projects can be bucketed into three key areas; Training and Development, Networking, and Communications. Each project can run independently or in collaboration for a more fulfilling experience for the members.


OnlineScience-Based Courses: These courses will provide the subscriber with information and tools to encourage women into a career in science (e.g. data science). The aim will be to have these courses available on a monthly basis via an online free platform. Sponsorship could be sought from high profile companies such as HP, Google, ETH etc.
Leadership workshops: Training and coaching to increase female leadership skills. These could be a supplement from the mentor-matching program, in which both mentors and trainees would share their progress and practical outputs of their learning.


Safe-spaces: This forum allows for subscribers to connect with other people via an online forum designed for anonymity but open for sharing stories, getting support, and seeking advice. The forum is either online or via IRL and will enable weekly connections with users.

Mentor-matching program: This program offers individuals a personalised professional accompaniment with a volunteer mentor for a fixed duration. The offering will select mentors from various professional fields and will create a bridge between women from different experiences and age levels.

Brainstorm platform:

This will be an area where women who have ideas and projects can come together and seek help and partnerships. This may work as a spin-off with the mentor matching program and will enable joint collaborations across the various platforms on offer.

university proposals

University Club Proposals

The aim of this proposal is to create a series of different projects that will invite students to engage and interact with one another to improve their well-being.

By providing multiple avenues for students to connect and be informed, we will create an atmosphere of connectivity, inclusion, and trust.

Charity events:

Students/members of each club can partake in different types of charity events.


Monthly symposiums: Symposiums will be topic driven on the key initiatives to raise awareness of social issues (e.g . gender diversity, women’s health, domestic/ sexual violence etc), These may be available on-line or at in person events if sponsorship can be obtained for Universities or other forums.

Annual Conferences:

Networking event for all members with possible keynote speakers. This provides members of the clubs with the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas and to connect and network with leaders of the feminist world.