Strategic University Partnerships

The World Spirit of the Game Foundation’s(SotG Global) mission is to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountabily for their Impact on the world. We operate under 4 main Pillars:

1) A global network of NGOs which address root causes of societal dysfunction through long term planning and a focus on Personal Accountability to find new and innovative solutions.

2) An Impact Coaching/Consulting Coalition which directly influenced the corporate and start-up worlds as well academia, all while raising funds for our non-profit work.

3) A worldwide social movement based on  the world’s “first crowd-sourced” life philosophy

4) An Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems”.

We have formed a coalition of like minded companies to deliver a full suite of services to Universities all over the world.  To schedule a video call to discuss any of these offerings please email our Managing Director:

For each country, we will also be forming 1-2 Strategic Partnerships with Universities. 

Our Strategic University Partners will:

  1. Receive a discounted rate for all our offerings below
  2. Be included as strategic partners as we establish the City Chapter of the Impactful Business Network in your community. 
  3. Earn the right to ask us to prioritize their international partners for the strategic partnership implementation in other countries, i.e. what we do for you, we’ll also do for them, to strengthen the bonds of your student exchange programs and other partnerships. 
  4. Receive a free set-up service for SotG Clubs on campus. This includes special interest groups such as Women’s Empowerment clubs, Social Entrepreneurship clubs, Youth Leadership, or student-athlete NGO start-up clubs. In many cases we may simply partner with an existing club in each of those areas, with the leaders of those clubs then becoming the SotG Student Council for that institution.
  5. Be the first locations considered for our Careers With a Purpose Centers and Centers for Creative Impact – This can be done in conjunction with an existing Alumni House or other type of student center
In addition:
  1. SotG can train your students to deliver our SotG Workshops for Schools, either as a voluntary effort as part of your community outreach efforts, or possibly as a part time job.
  2. Your students will be prioritized for internships and eventually study abroad opportunities
  3. Your faculty will gain access to our global Impact Network for research and collaboration requests
Our mission is to bridge the gaps between academia, for-profits and non-profits and we’re looking for progressive thinking institutions and faculty to bring their ideas to the table.
So what is on your institutions “wish list” of types of programs you’d like to work on, but maybe don’t have the relevant Social Impact expertise or global network to implement on your own?
Example: We recently began discussions with a exchange program coordinator who asked if we could work with her students after they returned to their home universities, to further spread the training they conduct.

To discuss becoming a Strategic University Partner please email our Managing Director:

Free Offerings

Clubs – In addition to our basic SotG Club Structure, we also have specialized versions to focus on thematic areas:

  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Social Entrepreneurship – webpage is in development, but overall structure is similar to a regular entrepreneurship club, just with the Social element being emphasized
  • Community Service – Webpage also in development. Focus of these clubs is initially on direct interaction with the local community, but over time we’ll also be adding travel opportunities.
  • Youth Leadership development – Training universities students on SotG Coaching techniques to lead workshops with high school and middle school students

Day Workshops

Re:Charge online events – 2 hour events with a combination of motivational speakers, small discussion groups, uplifting and introspective exercises

Impact Career panels – 2 hours with 3-5 experts on various aspects of how students and recent graduates can maximize the positive social Impact of their careers.

SotG Workshops – 2-4 hour workshops with guided introspection, open group discussions, brainstorming mixers, and action step breakout rooms 

Identity Project – 6 week online course followed up by in person group sessions(COVID permitting) focused on impact entrepreneurship and brainstorming on creative ways to meet community needs

Long term partnerships

Impactful Career Advising – Available for one-on-one coaching, group courses, and blended offerings, we tap our global Impact Network of experts from all fields to create a customized offering for each student or group. We also offer Train the Trainers programs for university staff.

Social Impact Platform Development – 3 month-3 year process where we develop a full platform for students to launch their own social impact initiatives under the university’s banner.

We also have a partnership agreement with a unique app designed to give university administrators unparallelled access to student opinions on campus life and student issues in real time, bypassing “loudest voice” syndrome, “social-desirability bias” and “questioners bias”.

We are looking for National Coordinating Partners(i.e. individuals or organizations with an extensive university network within their country) to help us promote these offerings, with a generous referral plan. 

If you would like to get involved in bringing the SotG University Offerings to your country, please email our Managing Director: