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Feb  3rd, 1600-1715 GMT SotG Women’s Empowerment 2022 Brainstorming Session

We welcome your ideas on where the SotG Network can be most effective in the Women’s Empowerment Space in 2022. And if you would be interested in leading one of our initiatives, we will begin our Co-Chair training course in late February.

Feb 17th, 1500-1730 GMT SotG Women’s Connectivity Night

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Below is the very rough draft of our Strategic Plan as of Q4, 2021. Details will be updated after our two February events.  If you prefer a more visual presentation, click here.

1) Speaker series with Female Entrepreneurial experts – Winnie Fannon

2) Speaker series of professional role models for girls – Rafa Barreto

3) Peer advisory sprint sessions for female leaders – Trent Simmons & Winnie Fannon

4) SotG Women’s Empowerment Clubs at universities around the world – Cristina Moreira

5) The SotG Blog with an initial emphasis on Women’s Empowerment topics, including Mental Health Month – Nicole Ruckstuhl & Aziza Johnson

6) Women’s Empowerment Discussion Events/GroupsLyly Berrut

7) Women’s Mental Health offeringsNicole Ruckstuhl 

8) Establishing Regional Women’s councils – Lucrecia Almaraz-Sonder

We also have people working on the following ideas:

9) Establishing SotG Women’s National Coordinators Lucrecia Almaraz-Sonder

10) Global Coalition for Gender-Lens Investing – Eva Selamlar-Leuthold

11) Safe Space Discussion Groups – Cristina Moreira & Jill Porubovic

12) Start establishing a partnership framework for partnering with other organizations – Lucrecia Almaraz-Sonder


*If you would be interested in helping to contribute to any of these initiatives (OR if you have your own you would like to propose), please contact the appropriate person directly or email SotGFoundation@gmail.com if you have trouble connecting with them on LinkedIn. Our Co-Chair training course starts in late February.

**SotG Global will be leading most of these initiatives on a global level, but almost all of them could also be done locally on a National or Regional level.

Here are further details on some of those offerings as well as the 5 main types of projects we are working on or in the planning stages for.  

A) Entrepreneurial Training:

Following our two recent global brainstorming sessions on how SotG can support female entrepreneurs, we have selected the following two initiatives for fall of 2021:

1) We will be launching a speakers series which every 1-2 weeks brings in an experts in various fields of expertise from around the world. These classes will be free to the public and will cover an array of subjects of greatest interest to female entrepreneurs.

2) We will be facilitating Peer Advisory Groups for female entrepreneurs, with each cohort sorted by business size and time in business. These Groups will bring together female entrepreneurs for weekly discussion groups, each week on a specific topic which the Group votes on. Each session will be facilitated by one of our Expert Coaches/Mentors and there will be small charge.

Over time we envision many of these Groups will be integrated into our global Impactful Business Network, which is also launching its first City Chapter this fall.

This will be a network “For business owners wanting to use their business to positively impact society AND people who want to support those businesses”. So rather than just a normal business networking club, the SotG Impactful Business Network will deliberately bring together passionate people from the worlds of non-profit, academia, government and for-profit”.

In addition we will continue to develop entrepreneurial training geared specifically towards:

A) Mothers who are either ready to return to the workforce after an absence or for prospective or soon to be mothers who wish to develop their business plans during a regular or extended maternity leave.
B) Women in large corporations who are nearing the “50 year olds are too expensive” barrier or who have just recently been released.
C) Teenagers and University students, as this is also an area where women are drastically under-represented.

B) Workplace Empowerment Classes

We see the following subjects being both relevant to the gender pay gap and as being under-served.
Confidence building in how to ask for and get raises.
Highlighting the unpaid work which women frequently get stuck with. The “mental workload” of mediating disputes, and maintaining a positive workplace culture, etc.
Our goal is also to increase networking opportunities so that women have more options if they don’t get a raise.

C) Women’s Centric Impact Investment

*We are currently looking for someone to lead the development of a global coalition of people and organization specifically working in this space. While we have identified several potential collaborators in different countries, to date we have not found a global group which coordinates efforts and best practices.

We are still in the brainstorming phase for this particular area but to date have collected the following ideas:

Funding for start-ups which are women owned, or which have gender equality as a foundational principle.

Lobbying large pension funds, and organizing employee petitions

Consulting with existing impact investing funds to help make sure they have adequate criteria.

*Selecting small companies which are willing to make positive impact their #1 priority, and leveraging our full network to promote them, putting pressure on the major companies to follow suit or lose market share.

D) Building Community

The Spirit of the Game principles and approach is proving to be a powerful unifier, bringing together a wide array of contributors from all over the world, empowering them to both help each other and advance their own initiatives. 

As such we are establishing the framework for SotG Women’s Empowerment Clubs, Discussion Events, and Discussion Groups.

E) Leading boycotts (long term plans)

We believe that individuals can have perhaps their greatest impact as conscious consumers.

We believe that there should be both boycotts (against un-evolved companies) and procotts which promote evolved companies.

We believe that a boycott should include specific demands a company can take to end the boycott, and that these demands should be reasonable and incremental.

An additional goal of the SotG boycott movement is to push for new industry standards which affect large numbers of companies. In most instances this will involve some sort of certification process, either new or incorporating existing standards.

As we mention below, we believe in long term thinking and addressing root causes of societal dysfunction which can only be addresses through collective action on a large scale and with long term strategic planning. So it might be a long time before our community is large enough for this type of impact to have a meaningful footprint, but in the meantime we hope to work with existing boycott/procott movements to improve the efficiency of their approach. 

We remain open to additional ideas which fit the following criteria:
Targets a demographics or skill set which are not currently being addressed, either on a global or local level.
Contain an element of Personal Accountability.
Is about more than just a good story, and has at least the potential to lead to lasting change.


In general we have identified the following 4 criteria for a SotG initiative

1) Are we uniquely positioned with a new approach to this topic because of our philosophy or core principles –
For example, Personal Accountability and entrepreneurship go hand in hand in most cases. Specifically, if we can build programs which enable people who are discriminated against in the workplace the confidence and support network to become successful entrepreneurs, that gives them the ability to check out of a system which discriminates against them

2) Is there a need which nobody else is filling –
Example: Entrepreneurship classes for new mothers, so they don’t have to try to claw their way back into the rat race after maternity leave. But there is also demand for some sort of MBA alternative for new parents who want to take an extended maternity/paternity leave, yet not get left behind in their industry. We’ve begun working on a micro-learning modules based approach to make this as easy as possible for people with chaotic scheduled to get started on.

3) Where someone in our network has a unique skill set and we can scale –
Example: Identity-Projects.org(A virtual or in-person incubator adaptable for a wide array of uses)

4) Where our global network provides an opportunity that makes an initiative viable, whereas it wouldn’t make sense for any of the individual contributors to try
Example: A global Impact Accelerator, fed into by regional Impact Accelerators and country level incubators

Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?