The World Spirit of the Game Foundation’s(SotG) mission is to help individuals and organizations take Personal Accountabily for their Impact on the world. We operate under 4 main Pillars:

1) A global network of NGOs which address root causes of societal dysfunction through long term planning and a focus on Personal Accountability to find new and innovative solutions.

2) An Impact Coaching Coalition which directly influenced the corporate and start-up world as well as raising funds for our non-profit work.

3) A worldwide social movement based on the “world’s first crowd-sourced” life philosophy

4) An Impact Network of “disruptors of dysfunctional systems”.


The initial focus of our coaching/consulting was on changing the definition of winning in corporate culture.  Then we realized than most of our corporate offerings could be adapted to university settings, and now we’re developing a full line of offerings for schoolchildren and schools. These offerings are based around introducing children at as young an age as possible to their ability to positively contribute to society, both now and as a career.
To schedule a video call to discuss any of these offerings please email our Managing Director:

  • Day Workshops

Impact Career panels – 2 hours with 3-5 experts on various aspects of how students and recent graduates can maximize the positive social Impact of their careers.

SotG Workshops – 2-4 hour workshops with guided introspection, open group discussions, brainstorming mixers, and action step breakout rooms.

The most common theme of these workshops is Personal Accountability, but we can also include, or focus primarily on any of our other core Principles:

  •      Being Actively Non-Judgemental
  •      Respecting the Spirit of the Rules
  •      Unpacking Conflict Calmly
  •      Being Continously Introspective

Clubs and Discussion Groups

SotG Discussion Groups – Isn’t it amazing that there doesn’t already exist a space for young people to gather who do want to discuss serious societal issues, with a pipeline for how the ideas which come up in these groups can actually be put into practice, at a local and/or global level?

SotG Clubs – Young people may not have a lot of experience, but they do have a lot of passion and ideas, why not create a platform for them to try to work on those ideas?

Long term partnerships

Impactful Career Advising – Available for one-on-one coaching, group courses, and blended offerings, we tap our global Impact Network of experts from all fields to create a customized offering for each student or group. We also offer Train the Trainers programs for school staff.

Specific offerings will include:
Social Entrepreneurship training for HS Guidance Counselors
Peer Advisory Groups for teachers looking for the best way to engage their students on these topics

Social Impact Platform Development – 3-36 month process where we develop a full platform for students to launch their own social impact initiatives under the school’s banner.

We also have a partnership agreement with a unique app designed to give school administrators unparallelled access to student opinions on campus life and student issues in real time, bypassing “loudest voice” syndrome, “social-desirability bias” and “questioners bias”.

We are looking for National Coordinating Partners(i.e. individuals or organizations with an extensive school network within their country) to help us promote these offerings, with a generous referral plan. 

If you would like to get involved in bringing the SotG School Offerings to your country, please email our Managing Director: