National Chapters

SotG Chapters are officially registered NGOs which

– Oversee the activities of the Clubs and Discussion Groups in its country or region.

– Conduct fundraising activities.

– Apply for grants.

– Run specific projects.

– Coordinate partnerships with other organizations to advance global SotG initiatives.

– Select national delegates for SotG Congresses.

– Promote the SotG Impact Coaching affiliates in its country or region.

We are beginning to establish Steering Committees for each country to work towards the establishment of these formal chapters, with an estimated timeline of 6-18 months depending on the passion and time availability of that committee.

Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?