In order to maximize your positive Impact on the world, you will almost always have to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, even if you don't start your own business. Key elements of an entrepreneurial mindset: You are working for a better future, not just trading hours for money You stop working when the work is done, not when the clock strikes 5 PM You are driven by a fierce desire to create something and to add value to the world You treat failure as an opportunity to learn, not as a catastrophe You genuinely enjoy helping others (note: many people who start businesses lack this characteristic, and they are typically the one contributing to the dysfunctions the rest of us are trying to clean up)
To date we have identified the following ways in which the Spirit of the Game community and ecosystem can help support entrepreneurs

1) “Integrating Impact into Start-ups” is our signature offering where we work with entrepreneurs to find innovative ways that they can have a positive impact on society AND increase their profitability/USP.
(we are looking for groups that would like to host a Creative Impact webinar with their group of entrepreneurs, the first one was for a MBA class at Geneva Business School)


2) Identity-Projects.org which is currently being run in developing countries, and which is also one of our University Offerings

3) So far this year we have submitted grant applications in Cameroon for Youth Entrepreneurship and in Senegal for Refugee Entrepreneurship, as well as a Google.org grant for a global Impact Accelerator for Female Entrepreneurs. If we don’t get the grant our plan is to bootstrap the project ourselves using volunteer hours over the next 3 years, approximately. But we’ll continue to apply for other funding along the way to accelerate progress.

4) We have several national teams also working on grant applications, in part using Identity Project.

5) We have a few programs for Mother’s Entrepreneurial training in the works, plus
our Career “Transition to Impact” team will be exploring Entrepreneurship as part of those courses.

6) We’ve just started exploring the Intrapreneurship space with a possible partnership with https://www.afce.co/ where we would be the social impact experts.

7) Longer term, establishing our own Entrepreneur Academies/Universities are anticipated

8) We also envision that as our social movement grows, we will be able to support impact oriented entrepreneurs by promoting them to our community. We list Entrepreneurial Support as one of our divisions, but in reality it is turning into almost a 5th Pillar of our network since there is overlap with almost all of our other divisions: Youth, Women’s, Climate, D&I, Corporate Culture, Universities, and Long Term Societal Change.

In addition, Entrepreneurial Support is essentially becoming our 5th Pilar as it overlaps with almost all of our other divisions. For example:

Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?