Mind-Body-Soul (M-B-S) is a new movement started by the World Spirit of the Game Foundation (SpiritoftheGame.org) with 4 main goals:

Introduce new people to Yoga/Pilates/similar and Meditation/Mindfulness/similar practices as well as let them try a variety of new types of physical exercise. The standard format for a M-B-S Meetup will be yoga-light exercise-meditation, but new variations are already being proposed such as Music-Body-Soul where each of those is accompanied by different types of music, or 

Movement-Body-Soul where all are conducted while moving.

Raise funds for our non-profit work as well as for local NGO partners

Help spread the word about our efforts to create a global coalition of people from all nationalities and belief systems working to live by a new definition of success, where “how many people can you help” is more important than “how much money can you make”

Create a “school” so that practitioners from different disciplines can learn from each other and bring new elements into their practice

In most cities we plan to charge for these meetups at market rates, although typically on a suggested donation basis, and that revenue will be split between the NGO(s), the program Coordinators, and the Facilitators. But we’re also fine with a new city starting to offer this as a free offering IF the Coordinators and Facilitators are okay with working for free in the beginning.

We’re also working on M-B-S as a Corporate offering, and on M-B-S Retreats, and in the future plan to pursue funding so that we can introduce M-B-S into schools, retirement centers, refugee centers, etc.

We currently have a call each Wednesday from 0815-0845 GMT to discuss getting M-B-S started in a new city. We also have a global Q&A call on Mondays at 1800 GMT in that same room if that time works better for you, although we address all of SotG for that call, not just M-B-S