FOUNDING PARTNERS Founding Partners are organizations which have committed to meeting the initial operating costs of the Foundation for 2020 and 2021. Minimum commitment is CHF 15'000 or an equivalent of working hours spent on providing the Foundation with a robust and durable operating platform.


Slide Founding Partner 10 Million Discs is an international non-governmental organization which uses the unique sport of ultimate (Frisbee) to advance a wide array of social and humanitarian causes all around the world.

The organization's mission is to use the principles of Spirit of the Game and self-refereed sports to advance social and humanitarian causes, teach conflict resolution, gender respect, and personal accountability, and help future leaders redefine the concept of winning.

10 Million Discs use the sport of Ultimate as their starting point as it is the first sport without referees to ever gain permanent recognition by the International Olympic Committee and it is also one of the only sports played mixed gender at the World Games.
10 Million Discs

Slide Founding Partner The WeContribute Foundation realizes and promotes projects in the areas of human rights, ecology, culture and education as well as in meditative and contemplative living.

The Foundation's aim is to promote and execute Impact solutions for society.
WeContribute Foundation

Slide Founding Partner Social Impact Footprint (So,IF) is a social startup that aims to sustainably increase every individuals' footprint of social impact in the world.

We do this by enabling individuals to pave their personal path into social grassroots innovations by connecting them with and providing a platform for them to ideate, create and execute programs at one of our worldwide-spread partner NGOs that best aligns with their personal vision. Our aim is to enable individuals to dive into her/his own strengths, interests, and capabilities of creating social impact by allowing and empowering them to create an individually customized transformational experience.

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Slide Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?