LOCATION ENABLER Do you want to bring SotG discussion groups and networking events to your city?

Location Enablers are individuals who are willing to commit at least ten hours per month to establishing a SotG chapter in their city or town. Support will consist of:

(1) A visit by a Board member or member of the Management team as soon as feasible in an environmentally friendly manner (Ww won't hop on a plane just to come for this, however will come as soon as we can combine the trip with other purposes.);

(2) Weekly video calls;

(3) Full access to our library of resources;

(4) An active engagement throughout our extended network once the first events are planned;

(5) Where appropriate, a full social media campaign promoting your existing endeavor(s).

Slide Can you imagine a world where 'How much can I get away with' was replaced with 'How much good can I eventually do?
Can you imagine a network who exists solely in order to help its members do more good?
Can you imagine a world where Personal Accountability was the true measure for success?