There can be times when we choose not to engage in a situation or a topic because we aren’t 100% clear on what we want or how we feel. In those situations it can be important to remember that we are almost never 100% clear on anything we think we know. Once we embrace that uncertainty, we can operate differently. Rather than being paralized into a situation of waiting for clarity which will likely never come, we can become comfortable about walking out into the dark a little bit, trusting that something will become more clear if we become more engaged.

This type of action can be physical in terms of trying new things, it can be verbal in terms of engaging in a potentially difficult conversation, and it can be mental, for example trying to understand a vastly different point of view. Link to I don’t understand How blog 

In the beginning this can be very difficult, but like most things, it gets easier the more times you do it and the more regularly you practice being okay with uncertainty.